Space Acquired

Today marked the first official day of construction at Crank. With papers signed and keys in hand, Justin and Chris walked the few blocks to work to open the doors for the first time and get to business. This picture sums it up nicely.

After much suspense over getting things rolling the guys started to kick through and pry down walls.

The spa that had occupied the space prior to Crank had painted everything in several shades of purple as well as hung purple and green fabric about the ceiling. Step one was to remove that and get a bit of breathing room.

The  building is a cluster of boxed in cubes which have to come down before serious work can be done on the re-construction of the space. The space is 2100sq ft which is a big step up from what they had become accustomed to working with. Over the next few days the mission will be to clear the entirety of the building to make space for creating something new.

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