Tuesday & Wednesday

To sum up the past few days: Skin suits, grinding, hacking, whacking, mice, artifacts, free plywood?

Tuesday started off with more demolition and the hopes of having everything down in the next few days. To make that deadline they would have to work hard and efficiently and stay both well caffeinated and hydrated. Switching out lenses on my camera I was able to get a more accurate representation of what they have to accomplish to share with you.

After getting a good start to their Tuesday morning, Chris and Justin headed down to their downtown location in Empower Fitness to meet up with their teammate and LMT Maggi. Their skin suits from Sheila Moon had arrived and it was time for their first collective ride fully suited up. Apparently no heads were left unturned.

Wednesday began afresh with intentions of clearing the cubes completely. To get a better idea of what the guys are working with, here are some updated photos of the space.

The loading dock has earned it’s name.

Getting some help removing nails from Kelsy, who doubles as their architect.

The barred windows to nowhere.

The women’s and men’s restrooms, presumably from the spa days.

All sorts of things have been found when breaking down walls, two of the most interesting include the above poster and mummified mouse. Both were chalked up as too oddly fascinating to leave out. Also in the rubble were old newspapers, and papers from a business that had occupied the space back in the 60s.

With only four small walls (about 500sq ft) left to clear, Thursday is looking to be another productive day. Check back in for another look on the progress tomorrow!

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