Don’t forget your face mask

Wanting to wait until there had been a considerable amount of work done I decided to wait until the evening to head over and take the daily shots. The first thing I noticed when walking up 28th to the space was that you could actually see light coming out of the windows for the first time. Prior to them breaking up the cubicles it looked dark, abandoned, and nearly boarded up. Now light shined out onto the dark street as the sounds of hammering carried out the front door. A new shop was born.

Just like they had predicted, the space was almost completely cleared. The giant stack of debris in the loading dock had doubled since I’d been there last and the carpet was littered with just as much dust as there was floating in the air. Everyone had thrown on face masks and handed me one so I could last the amount of time it would take to get some photos.

A steady stream of workflow formed in front of me as the guys picked a spot, took it down together, emptied trash in unison, and swept up the mess as they went. The next big task would be to scrape up the carpet and tiles that remained on the floor along with all of the loose nails that had collected over the past few days.

If you want to see the whole set of photos taken from the construction add us on facebook by clicking ::here:: and hitting “like”.

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