Question & Answer

Question: You started your business as kinetic performance December 2009, how does it feel to be expanding after less than a year?


Really exciting.

Question: What is your expected opening date?


Our expected opening date is October 19th, we’ll have a grand opening party sometime during the winter.

Question: To clarify, will you still be open at your location on SW Morrison?


Yes, we will have an inventory of soft goods (clothing, etc)

Question: What are some useful things that you will offer to winter commuters?


Off street covered bike parking, bike cleaning services, and the best winter commuting gear we can find today.

Question: What product lines will you offer when you open?


Fuji, leader, dolan, redline, kestrel, pearl izumi, shiela moon, shimano, velocity, ortlieb, spiuk, dumonde tech, kurt kinetic, and focus.

Question: Do offer full service?


Full service and repair including tune ups, overhauls, custom builds, and modifications.

Question: I heard you do custom fittings, what does that mean?


We believe your bike should be as comfortable as your favorite pair of shoes. Instead of forcing you to adapt to your bike, we adjust your bike to adapt to you. This can include such simple things as adjusting your seat and your handlebars, but can also include working around existing injuries and preventing new ones.

Question: Do you have any job openings?


We are not looking for new mechanics or sales people at this time, but if you have a locally produced bike product you would like to see in our store, please contact us at

Question: What do you commute on?


Chris: Redline monocog

Justin: Whatever I grab on my way out of the door

Question: Favorite method of fueling for a race?


Chris: burritos, sushi and oatmeal

Justin: pasta

Question: Cross Crusades start on Sunday, are you participating?


Justin: Oh man, do I really have to talk about this?

For more information on Cross Crusades click here! Come out in support of those fantastic skin suits you saw in the previous post and come say hello!

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