Cyclocross, race 1

Have you seen the skin suits in person? If not, you probably weren’t at the Alpenrose Velodrome today. They’re hard to miss! Justin (1/2 of Crank) and Maggi (teammate) proudly wore their suits from Sheila Moon and got down to racing their first race.

Justin was the first of the two, racing at 1:00PM.

Warming up on the trainer.

Chris encouraging Justin to race well.

Pushing uphill.

Unfortunately for Justin he ran into a slight problem a lap or two into the race. His rear tire had gone flat. Not being able to get a pit stop and switch things out he was forced to race the remaining 4 laps on the flat.

Justin cheering Maggi on around the course.

This was Maggi’s first cyclocross race.

Minus the unfortunate flat, today was the perfect day for cyclocross. It started off a bit misty in the morning and the clouds broke around 2 to let the sun in. The turnout this year was huge (1,506 racers, 256 kiddie racers) and cars filled the lots from all across the country.

It’s unlikely you’ll see us at next weeks race (lots of work to be done on the new location) but keep an eye out at the upcoming races and come say hi. You can check out the rest of the photos from todays race on Crank’s facebook page … there might be a photo of you there!

For more information about the Cross Crusades click here.

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