Back to work

The focus for the past week has been getting things ready to be built, painted, and created. The first step in doing this was to remove the worn blue carpet from the floors.

Underneath the carpet is a tacky carpet glue that needs to be ground off.

Don’t stand in one place too long or you will get stuck.

Once the carpet was pulled the debate began as to what came next. Painting? Grinding? Building? Building seemed like the most reasonable place to start, as the grinding couldn’t be done until they had the floor grinder, and they couldn’t paint until they had done the floor. Measuring began.

All of the wood they’ve used so far has been reclaimed from the walls they’d torn down earlier.

Working in shifts, Justin and Chris began to build their wall. The idea was to box in the loading dock but create several sections for windows so that light was still allowed into the space.

In the next few days they will make one more wall of a similar structure and then focus on building their office space. Aside from having their workshop there will also be a small lounge area with coffee from the fantastic spella caffe and a fitting area separate from the sales area where you can be fit to your bike. More information about that (and more) in upcoming posts. The estimated date of opening is approaching quickly, so stay tuned so you don’t miss out on any important dates/times!

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