The Walls

As mentioned in the previous blog, the focus for the weekend was going to be framing walls. Nails everywhere, shouting over the sound of hammering, and an excess of coffee was in effect. While the clear look of shock still spans the faces of people who learn the shop is opening this month, progress is kicking up each and every time the guys step in the shop. What you can’t see in the photos, you will have to see for yourself in person.

Partaking in some mid-day espresso from Crema, just around the corner.

The first two complete walls.


Taking a break from their hammering to see how my bike is doing after it’s first few weeks of solid commuting.

Raising the first wall!

As of today the start of their office is being framed in. You can see the size of the door that will connect to the ramp and the loading dock. Crank will offer covered bike parking in this area.

Next to their office space will be the fitting area.

Another late night measuring, cutting, and putting things together.

Up next: Getting rid of the insane amount of garbage, cleaning up, grinding the floors, and hunting down the next set of supplies needed to continue working.

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