Mud! Floors! Walls! Sludge!

This past Sunday 1/2 of Crank went to PIR to participate in the muddiest Cross Crusade of the year. No flat tires this time, just lots of mud stains.

This gives you a good perspective of where the windows will be. The loading dock is now completely walled in and the beginnings of the lounge area (left of image, where the ladder is) has begun.

Grinding down the floors. They are packed with old paint and glue from previous shops.

Sore arms and shoulders this week as they worked to scrape off all the gunk to reveal the clean floor underneath.

Oh, and did I mention the business cards came in? They’re pretty great! Next time you catch us out and about ask us for one. We’ve got plenty.

You won’t see us up in Astoria this weekend but if you’re up late and have a hankering for some manual labor you know where to find us.

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