a man and his bag, part one

As I am not quite as involved in the world of cycling as either Justin and Chris I am less interested in the latest bicycle technology… and more interested in the latest bag technology. The guys have both had many different bags throughout the time I’ve known them and seem to have finally settled on something that works in all aspects of their busy lives.

Starting with Chris, who has the Ortlieb Messenger Pro. Cost? $187.00

Question: How long have you had it?

Answer: About two months.

Question: What needs did you get it to fulfill?

Answer: Carrying massive amounts of stuff comfortably without injuring my shoulders.

Question: Has it fulfilled that need?

Answer: Definitely.

Question: What are some pros and cons?

Answer: Cons… if you’re riding in drop bars you can’t see over your shoulder. If you’re riding in an upright position you’re okay. Pros… It’s larger than it should be, it’s comfortable, completely waterproof, indestructible.

What Chris left out: Shown in the photos above is the organizer on the inside of the bag. While the bag is excellent for those who aren’t looking for a filing system on their back, the option to keep important things easy-to-find is still there. The bag is also padded on the back to create some breathing room between bag and you… an excellent feature for anyone and everyone who gets too hot and sweaty on their back.

This bag will be available through Crank for the price above.

As a side-note, if you received one of the flashy new business cards for Crank keep in mind that the website is not yet up and running. Keep up with the latest news on the blog (here) or on any of the other links provided at the top right of this page.

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