Wool riding britches!

This past week Justin and Chris got a package from Sheila Moon in the mail. Two pairs of wool riding britches. When I came by to get some new photos of the shop both of the guys were walking around in their matching pants. I told them that they most definitely needed a spotlight on the blog. The pants, that is…

Basics from Sheila Moon: Wool/Poly blend, two rear pockets with reflective zippers, two front pockets, a cell phone pocket, and a butt pad to prevent wear.

Justin and Chris both wear a 32 and say that the sizes seem to be “true” sizes, nothing off about them.

Question: Okay, how would you describe them?

Answer: Most comfortable thing ever. And warm. You can’t go wrong. The butt pad is just enough that it doesn’t feel like a diaper but will prevent wear from the bike seat.

Question: So would you wear them around without your bike by your side?

Answer: Oh yeah.

Question: Would they work for longer rides as well as shorter rides?

Answer: Actually they would be great for touring.

So long story short: Cool looking wool britches, comfortable and warm. They’re good for long or short rides and they fit just like they should. They also come in different colors. Price $119.25. Stop by Crank to check out the full Sheila Moon catalogue and put in orders for some cycling-friendly clothes for the holidays!

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