Light as a feather

Tasha got this “pearly pink” Fuji Feather over the summer for commuting and riding around town. She also picked up a Bern Helmet and an Ortlieb Velocity bag.

Q: Few thoughts on the bike?

A: Other than the fact that I love it? I haven’t been on a bike for a long time. It was hard to get started on a single speed and as an inexperienced commuter I would have thought I needed gears. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Q: You got it for commuting, how is it riding into work?

A: It’s mostly downhill so my ride is smooth, and it’s been comfortable in the rain. I ride in five times a week and it takes me about 20-25 minutes.

Q: You also picked up a bern helmet, what do you like about it compared to a more traditional helmet?

A: This is the first helmet I’ve had since I started really riding my bike. I really like the visor, it keeps the rain out of my face when I’m riding. That’s probably the best part.

From the Bern Website: The Watts is designed with Brock foam, which keeps you dry without sacrificing impact protection.

Q: The bag is the last bit of commuter gear you picked up, two sizes smaller than the last Ortlieb bag reviewed, how is it working out?

A: It’s great. It holds exactly what I need it to. An extra pair of clothes, things for rock climbing, and my purse. There is also an organizer in the bag which makes things like my wallet more easily accesible, they don’t fall and go missing at the bottom of the bag. It’s reflective so I feel more visible when I’m riding and I never feel overheated on my back because of the padding, it allows airflow.

From the Ortlieb Website: Messenger style daypack with roll top closure; removable inner pocket for valuables;padded foam vented back; anatomically shaped shoulder straps; waist belt. Ideal as a bookbag.New in 2008: optimized strap attachment, new foam back with improved ventilation, protected base by means of edge protectors and bottom feet.

The Fuji feather goes for $550, but on sale at Crank until December 17th for $440. The Bern Helmet is $45 and the bag goes for $110.

Get your holiday orders in as soon as possible to make sure what you want is in stock. Remember that our Grand Opening Party is this upcoming Friday the 10th! Everyone is welcome. Feel free to RSVP on our facebook page.


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