a man and his bag, part two

After reviewing the Ortlieb Messenger Pro that belongs to Chris I thought it only fair to review Justin’s equally fantastic Ortlieb Flight. This bag is a more “traditional” backpack style bag, but it’s definitely not traditional in features. Read on!

Question: How long have you had it?

Justin: About a year.

Question: What needs did you get it to fulfill?

Justin: I needed a waterproof bag I felt safe hauling my laptop around in.

Question: Has it fulfilled that need?

Justin: Definitely.

Question: What are some of the Pros?

Justin: Pros… it has a locking zipper. When the bag is closed, it’s closed. There isn’t any way for it to accidentally zip open. The bag also has a mesh suspension which allows the bag to be raised above my back. This is great in the summer because it allows room for my back to breathe. It’s comfy. It’s really comfy. I also really like the mesh cargo net at the bottom of the bag. You can use it to store your helmet, or in my case dirty gym clothes… I also really like that there is a place to hook a bike light on the exterior of the bag.

Question: Okay, so what about Cons?

Justin: The zipper is stiff so if you have to open and close it frequently it can be a pain. It’s not really a bag you can just stuff things into, but having the built in organizer helps. You also have to adjust the straps on the bag differently depending on if you’re walking around with it or riding your bike. The top of the bag and the helmet can hit against each other while you are riding.

What was left out (from the Ortlieb Website): Waterproof Outer pocket, Two side neoprene pockets with bottom openings for waterbottles, Integration of hydration system (up to 70 oz. or 2L)is possible for even the tube passage can be hermetically sealed when regular tubes (up to a diameter of 10,5mm) are used, and can also be completely closed from the inside. The zipper can be locked with a small padlock.

You can order this bag through Crank. It’s available in two different sizes and several different colors.

$203.50 – $214.50

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