2011 Commuter Guide

Whether you are a new commuter, a returning commuter, or a continuing commuter, the beginning of a new year marks the opportunity to make a change.

Portland has been repeatedly named one of the most bike friendly cities to ride in, and in the 2010 Portland Bike Count it was noted that bicycle use as a whole is still on an upward trend. While it may seem like much of the city already makes their way on two wheels, it’s still a relatively small percentage. The Portland Bike Plan for 2030 was OK’d in early 2010 and includes a long list of goals for making cycling more comfortable in our beautiful city. You can read the plans HERE.  We would love nothing more than to be able to say we helped even a small percentage of Portland feel more comfortable on the road.

So, How can we help?

  • Find you your dream bike
  • Help you custom build a bike built for you
  • Fit you to your current bike to make it more desirable to ride
  • Tune Up or Repair your current bike
  • Pick out gear (bags, clothes, lights, etc) to make your trip more comfortable

At Crank we can speak your language. We’re bike nerds, but we understand that not everyone is. You tell us what you know you want, and we’ll help you fill in the blanks.

In the mean time, here are some resources you should take advantage of to get you started.


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