As the weather shifts yet again in Portland it was time for both Chris and Justin to pick themselves up new jackets. Having recently gotten a Showers Pass account they found their perfect matches (the Hybrid and the Softshell Trainer) and wanted to give their thoughts.

One of the benefits in owning a bike shop is that you are constantly in tune with the latest product lines and have a good idea of what you need for what kind of riding you’re going to be doing. You’re around the materials, you’ve got the catalogues right there, and in the case of both Chris and Justin… you’re well weathered enough to know what to prepare for. This is not only something that benefits them in their own personal riding, but assists them in helping you find the perfect gear.

I decided to split it up into two blogs because (while the jackets look fairly similar) they are made for different styles of riding.

Right before New Years Eve Chris picked himself up the Hybrid Jacket from Showers Pass. Heading out of town for the weekend he got the ability to test the jacket first by foot, second by bike. In this true test of commuter compatibility he found that it was both stylish on the bike and off.

Back in Portland and starting the new year, he gave the jacket its first run on two wheels.

Q: What are the PROS?

A: It’s completely windproof, super warm, very comfortable, and it looks damn good. It has fold out reflectors on the sides and back, and the chest pocket is big enough to fit my phone and then some. It also had an audioport so I can listen to music off of my phone.


A: No complaints. I can’t find anything I don’t like.

Q: Last thoughts?

A: The reflective piping is pretty cool, and the elastic waist closure actually works on this jacket.

What Chris left out, from the Showers Pass Website: Cozy fleece lining, water resistant, slim fit. Seems are not sealed. Two front handwarmer pockets.

My thoughts: If you want a super cool jacket that you can wear daily, but also wear on your bike comfortably… this seems like the way to go. If you’re going to be doing longer training rides, check back for Justin’s review.

The jacket is available from Crank for $200.

Photos below taken by Vivian.

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