Softshell Trainer.

Part 2 of the Two Part jacket review. (Part 1)

While Chris chose a commuter style jacket that would be right for on or off the bike, Justin opted for a jacket he could wear on longer training rides. Justin has started taking training rides with Cyclisme on Sunday mornings and is a member of the PSU cycling team. He’s also known to be found participating in some of Portland’s own long distance rides. He needed something that could handle all of the elements but at the same time allow fresh air in to cool him off. Enter the Softshell.

Q: You know the game, Pros first!

A: I love that it can be layered. I wear mine with my base layer (Pearl Izumi Barrier) and my jersey (Sheila Moon Winter Weight) underneath it. We went out riding the other day up in the west hills- it was raining, hailing, and snowing. The jacket took it all. It is comfortable well below freezing. It has multiple vents- pit vents and a vent below the collar. That’s especially good for relieving all the warm air from my back.

The cut is perfect, it doesn’t get in my way when riding. I was able to comfortably carry everything I needed on me. The two rear pockets are handy and have enough room for a flat repair kit and food to last 3+ hours. I stored my cash and ID in my front pocket. The zip up sleeves allowed my gloves to seal in and kept me extra warm.

Q: And Cons?

A: Haven’t found any.

What Justin didn’t mention, from the Showers Pass website: Trim fit for minimal wind resistance. Stretches and breathes to meet the demands of your highest-energy workouts. Waterproof with overtaped seams.¬†Adjustable elastic cinch cords at hem.

The jacket, the base layer, and the jersey are all available from Crank.

You can check out more review photos and find contact information on our Facebook Page!

2 thoughts on “Softshell Trainer.

  1. This is a really nice garment. Unfortunately, SP has seen fit NOT to make it in womens’ sizing — and the Mens’ cut is so slim it won’t fit over many wider-hipped women. Bummer.

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