Boomer Rechargeable

The Knog lights are some of our favorite and best selling bike lights. The flexible silicone will stretch and cling anywhere you feel fit to put it on your bike. I first caught wind of these little guys when Justin brought by four of them on his bike. They were the Knog Beetles, taking two coin cell batteries. Not only do they cling to your bike and look good doing it, but they are crazy bright and have a long lifespan. We all fell in love with them.

Then came along the Boomer Rechargeable, the big brother. The Boomer Rechargeable has four light settings: Strobe Flash,  Strobe Pulse, Random Strobe, and Steady.

This light (unlike the Beetle) also has a Storage Mode, which is used when you’re not planning on using the light for a long period of time. The Boomer Rechargeable comes in a rear and a front light, and we tried out the front.

The silicone body holds a casing where the USB is tucked away. Grab the end of the casing and the silicone body and pull in each direction and the two come apart. The USB has a small cap that you remove and then you’re free to plug it into your computer to recharge.

We decided to leave the light on overnight to see how it would fare if you accidentally left it on your bike, turned on. No one wants to meet their ride home with overwhelming darkness. Not only is there a low battery indicator, but it seemed like the light turned itself off before it was completely dead. When pressed the light came back on with, it seemed, enough power to get you where you were going.
The Boomer Rechargeable is available at Crank.

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