Shedding the Winter Gear Pt 1

When the guys asked me to come by and try on a new pair of gloves I did not expect to find a complete 180º from what I’d been wearing. These leather Knog fingerless gloves are a few galaxies away from my Pearl Izumi gloves I’d been wearing throughout the winter.  The gloves slide on smooth and velcro around the wrist into place. They’re oh-so comfortable and you can tell that the more you wear them the more they will start to conform to your hand. Oh, and the stars and stripes? I’m pretty sure they make me ride faster.


















These were $35 but are going for super-awesome-deals at $15. The only sizes in stock are SM or EX-SM, but I recommend coming in and trying them on if you’re interested. I did not expect to be an extra-small. You can read more about the sizing and details of the gloves on Knogs website.




Also, it’s a beautiful day out today and the weather is proving to hold out at least a little while longer! Pull those lonely bikes out of the garage, if you haven’t already, and bring them by Crank for a clean up and a tune up! It’s okay if you don’t know what your bike needs, we’ll help you figure that out.

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