Shedding the Winter Gear Pt 2

I have an unnecessary fear of clipless pedals.

Luckily for me and other clipless-phobes there are a lot of other options to keep my feet firmly planted on my pedals.

It all started when I outsmarted myself by stealing one of Justin’s bikes that had cages on the pedals. I could choose to ride on the flat side of the pedal, but ultimately this would result in me scraping the cages along the cement as I turned. With some impatience and mild success I finally learned how to kick the cage up and slip my foot in. And that was a discovery.

Having my foot held to the pedal gave me maximum pedaling strength. Not only did I go when I pushed down, but I went even faster when I pulled up! Eventually the bike was sold and I was back to run of the mill pedals.

When I started riding my Cambridge last fall the guys at Crank set me up with some bmx pedals that had little nubs to keep my shoes from slipping up or off. This was an improvement from nothing at all, and was a good way to get back into the game.

Now that spring is coming back in full force, I’m back to wanting more power. In comes Blaq.

The straps attach to the pedals I already had, and adjust by velcro to the right size depending on what shoes I’m wearing that day. They are a super awesome compromise if you don’t want to commit to clipless but don’t want to go down the cage route. I’ve been riding with mine for a couple weeks now and I hope I never have to go without again.

$44 at Crank, in stock.

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