Bridge of the Gods

This past Sunday Justin, Chris and Steve went on the Bridge of the Gods ride, a 100mi loop around some of Oregon’s most beautiful sights.

With Justin aboard his SST, Chris on his Roubaix ACR, and Steve with his custom Cannondale SuperSix, they took off in the morning hoping to pack in as much riding as they could. On the few breaks/sight-seeing stops that were taken, they saw the Vista House, Beacon Rock, and twisty roads and tunnels best viewed from a two-wheeled perspective. Food was consumed (and lots of it) to help fuel the ride. Rice krispie treats, snickers, corndogs, pepsi, coconut water, builders bars, and your standard trail mix. Energy legs fully charged, they continued onward!

After two long climbs, an accidental 6-mile detour on gravel, one mile on I-84, and a break of every kind of weather imaginable, the guys finished their ride back at Crank.

If you’re looking for a fun ride, we’ve got free Portland bike maps in the shop! We also keep a pretty good stock of flyers for upcoming rides. Stop by to say hi and check them out. Also, if you’re ever in Lake Oswego you can visit Steve at his new job at the Bike Gallery! Congratulations!

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