The Other Option

When you’re looking for a bike, Craigslist is a minefield of both really good and really bad deals. You want to buy a good bike, but you don’t know where to start. How can you turn that Craigslist find into a bike that feels like your own?

That’s where we come in. We can help you take that bike and turn it in something that is comfortable for you to ride. This may be a good option for you if:

  • You can’t afford a new bike and want a more affordable alternative
  • You don’t want a new bike, you want a bike that has seen things
  • You want a thief-resistant bike (something that doesn’t look like it cost couple grand)
  • If you want a reliable piece of transportation that will last
  • You want an environmentally and socially responsible bike
  • You want your bike to be built for you and fit to you
  • You already have a frame or are able to find and purchase a bike or frame*
*For this particular update your bike must be an early to mid 90s steel mountain bike. No suspension. Forged dropouts.
The first bike to get this treatment was an old Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo that had been siting in a garage for years. It was in disrepair. The reason that this bike (and old 80s-90s mountain bikes in general) are good for this is because they are relatively inexpensive to buy, have low-cost maintenance, and were built to take a great deal of abuse. They are also very easy to mount fenders and racks too, both which can be all too important for putting together a great Portland commuter bike.
We put a new crankset on it, a new rear wheel, new brakes, new handlebars, and new tires. We also changed the drivetrain from it’s original configuration to a 1×8. The bike left the shop with a second life. A used bike with a new bike feel.
The second bike we went through was a Kona Lava Dome.
If you’re looking to buy a used bike and bring it in to get the makeover, try these searching for these good finds online —> Gary Fisher, Specialized Hard Rocks and Rock Hoppers, Konas, Giant ATX, and GT Biycles. These older mountain bikes are the gems of the bike world and make fantastic commuters.
While this bike may end up being more affordable, the final cost depends on the shape the bike you bring us. If you are able to find a bike that is in fairly good condition that may leave less to do on our end. What you’ll have when we’re done is a bike that was built for you (single-speed, or geared!) with the purpose of getting you where you need to go reliably, rather than a new bike that you then have to modify to fit your needs.

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