Crank Cafe Tech Talk

Those of you that frequent the shop, know we are in love with a local company that makes and sells the best lubes and degreasers around; Dumonde Tech. From their invincible Citrus degreaser (we’ve got a can in the shop that has had over 100 dirty chains run through it, and it’s still going strong) to the best biodegradable lube on the market, they know their stuff.

the real deal

what the pros use

Now they have something even cooler: Coffee scented Bio lube…

*Spella coffee not included, but drop by for a cup on us

OHO! what is this, straight from the wilds of Portland

Using a proprietary blend of vegetable and nut oils, Dumonde Tech has produced the only Bio-Lube we’ve tried, that lubes first, and biodegrades second. And once a year, they release a limited run of their already low-odor lube, with a hint of coffee. It’s amazing. Now your bike can run quiet, your chain can last longer, AND you can smell like your favorite coffee joint. Come get some before it’s all gone!


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