Learn to DIY!

One of the most commonly asked questions in our shop is “How?”
“How can I fix ___ myself?”
“How does this work?”


How DO these work?

We love working on bikes, and we love helping others learn to work on bikes as well, so they can share the joy of finally getting those brakes to stop squeaking, or change a flat like a pro.
To that end, we are now offering our first round of repair classes!
Introducing…(Drumroll Please)

Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance!

The Crank Bicycles Introductory course is designed to introduce newcomers to
the basics of the bicycle: anatomy, cleaning, lubing, care, basic brake adjustment,
and drivetrain adjusment.

Classes are divided into two days of two hour class sessions. The first half of the
class will be instruction and the second half will be hands-on.
Day one covers:
-Working on bikes, basic tool use, identifying problems, and easy bike care.
-Parts of a bicycle, systems and materials of bike parts.
-Moving parts, bearings and bushings
–class activity: cleaning, lubing and flat repair

Day two covers:
-Braking systems. Types of brakes, common problems, and adjustments.
–class activity: Brake adjustment
-Drivetrain systems, types and parts of drivetrains.
–class activity: drivetrain adjustment

All necesarry tools will be provided for use during class with the opportunity to
purchase tools after class allowing students to build their own tool sets.
Students will encouraged to bring their own bike to practice on.
Class size will be limited to 6 students per session to ensure plenty of individualized
Classes will be available twice a week:
From 6:30pm to 8:30pm Monday and Tuesday
From 6:30pm to 8:30pm Thursday and Friday

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